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Some days you should just stay at home and this was one of those days. I had borrowed Les Kearney’s flaring tool some time ago and had forgotten that he needed it back to work on his own aircraft. So when I went looking for it I realize he had it all locked up. Not being able to work on fuel or vent plumbing I decided to get the seats installed so I could figure out where the instrument panel should go. I had already planted the seat hard points while I was in the factory over two years ago. I think I recall Chad (the factory tech) saying he wasn’t sure if we had put the hard points in correctly after it was done. Well it turns out the seat rails were upside down, and all of the hard points need to be removed and repositioned. OUCH that’s going to hurt. Nothing to do but get out the heat gun and start lifting the layers of BID off the floor to get at the hard points. I spent the rest of the day and only managed to get one hard point removed and relocated. The top point shows the old location with the dark brown stuff and the new location where the hard point is now with the writing on it.

7/2/2013   Picture 347

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