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With that completed I turned my attention to the installation of the elevator hinges. I then discovered that the canard is 3/16 to long and to wide. I spoke with Chad at the factory and he said I could leave the length as is but I need to make the trailing edge of the canard as thin as possible so the elevator will have enough up and down angle. So much for my nice prime coat, I took a belt sander and went to town on the trailing edge both on the top and bottom sides. Now the trailing edge is 0.10 on the digital calipers.
Shorter day today as it is my wedding anniversary and I dare not be home late. After talking to Chad in the factory I decided to remove the on the trailing edge to give the correct measurement of 12 3/8 from the front to back. I also sanded the bottom edge down to fiberglass to bevel it back as far as possible. I feel better knowing it is correct to the book.

8/27/2014   Picture 462

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