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The last item I did before leaving for Oshkosh, was to mark out the first two cuts on the top of the wing for the ailerons and make the cuts. While I was at Osh, I asked how to get the straight 72” cut along the wing and someone suggested using clecos through a straight bar into the aileron. This worked very well and I made the cut using a Roto Zip router and a small bit for hard material. With Les Kearney’s help in turning the wing over I proceeded to do the same on the bottom side. Before I knew it I had an aileron cut out.
As you can see from the picture the well cavity is already made for you by removing three pieces of foam shown on the top of the wing. Another nice feature is that the factory inserts tape that when it is pulled on it removes the first ¾” of foam on the top inside which makes it very easy to sand the foam down to the clean fiberglass.

7/28/2015   Picture 585

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