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I had a nice long talk with Andy Millin today about a lot of the problems I have been having lately. It is nice to have someone to offer words of encouragement as the frustration factor has been through the roof. I started on getting the plenum on top of the engine to see if it would fit as nothing in the installation kit has been correct for my engine. After about one half hour and liberal use of an air saw I managed to get the plenum on but nowhere near tight enough so more cutting will have to happen. I am going to try and get it to fit using the information and pictures on Andyís website. Here is what it looks like so far. You will notice that it is still an inch off the engine which of course canít happen. The two brackets on the top of the engine for lifting will have to come off and be moved outboard of the plenum in order to get it down further.

11/30/2016   Picture 782

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